Call for Speakers and Papers:

NZOPA Conference 2024



The New Zealand Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (NZOPA) is thrilled to announce the call for speakers and papers for our upcoming conference, focused on the theme "Bridging Gaps - Building Connections: Global Perspectives on O&P Care." We welcome professionals, researchers, clinicians, and academicians from around the globe to share their insights and expertise at this significant event.


Our conference team have suggested some of the topics listed below, but feel free to submit any topic you are passionate about:

  • Global challenges and innovations in orthotic and prosthetic care
  • Cultural considerations in orthotic and prosthetic rehabilitation
  • Collaborative models of care in orthotic and prosthetic services
  • 3D Printing technology and how it will and is affecting the orthotics and prosthetics industry.
  • Addressing disparities in access to orthotic and prosthetic care worldwide
  • Technological advancements and their impact on orthotic and prosthetic rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation strategies for diverse patient populations
  • Integrating mental health support into orthotic and prosthetic care
  • Education and training initiatives in orthotic and prosthetic rehabilitation
  • Policy and advocacy for improved orthotic and prosthetic services globally


Submission Guidelines:

Proposals for presentations should include a title, abstract (max 300 words), and brief bio of the speaker(s).
Abstracts for papers (max 300 words) and must include objectives, methods, results, and conclusions.
Submission Deadline:
26 April 2024
Notification of Acceptance:
May 15 2024
Submission Email: