Training and development are a vital element to assist NZOPA in delivering a strong message of professionalism to the public. 

To that end, NZOPA members are required to obtain a minimum of 20 hours of continued professional education activities over at least 3 CPD categories per 12 month membership period. 

The purpose of the NZOPA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program is to provide a structure that enables members to formally document the ways in which they manage and extend their professional skills and knowledge. This program is a framework providing maximum benefit where Orthotists/Prosthetists select their individual learning goals and then undertake personally planned CPD activities to meet the stated goals.

The NZOPA CPD program provides recognition and encouragement for the continued participation of NZOPA members in high quality professional development. The CPD program enables members to demonstrate to external stakeholders (such as consumers, employers, government, the community and other professional groups), their commitment to the highest standards of professional competence for Orthotist/Prosthetists. Participation in CPD is mandatory for maintaining NZOPA Accredited Practitioner status.

The program requirements

The NZOPA CPD program requires that all members complete minimum CPD activities in an annual cycle, running from 1 st April to 31 st March in the following year.

Eligible educational activities refer to activities which:

  • have a clear set of objectives;
  • have a formal or organised structure;
  • require active participation; and
  • extend professional knowledge and skills.

The activities should constitute a balance between formal, structured learning on one hand and unplanned learning in the workplace on the other.

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