Why become a NZOPA member

NZOPA promotes ethical and professional Orthotic and Prosthetic service delivery by advancing high standards of patient care through technology, education, research, knowledge, advocacy and collaboration.

Here are 11 reason's why you should join:

  1. Brand Strength: NZOPA is well known within the orthotic and prosthetic profession with approximately 100 existing members.
  2. Governance: NZOPA is governed by an elected leadership that are constitutionally mandated to represent members interests.
  3. Transparency: There is full disclosure of all NZOPA activities, finances and minutes of meetings.
  4. Member-Owned: NZOPA is a professional association created by members for members. All of NZOPA’s assets belong to the members.
  5. Not For Profit: NZOPA has no commercial interests. All income is used for benefit of the members.
  6. Active Participation: NZOPA actively participates in industry activities and in policy and legal reform processes.
  7. Active Engagement: NZOPA’s leadership and management are committed to actively engage with its members and industry stakeholders.
  8. Professional Representation: NZOPA procures the part-time services of a qualified Orthotist and/or Prosthetist in active private practice to represent members’ interests within the organisation’s activities and during engagements with industry stakeholders.
  9. International Affiliation: NZOPA is officially affiliated with the International Society of Prosthetists and Orthotists.
  10. Industry Representation: NZPOPA actively represents the orthotic and prosthetic profession at industry forums and during funder engagements and policy reform processes.
  11. Value-Added Benefits: NZOPA is constantly searching for mechanisms to create additional and tangible value for its members.

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